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Another way of plant reproduction is a vegetative reproduce or plant propagation.


It´s an asexual reproduction o propagation. In this kind of reproduction multicellular structures become detached from the parent plant and develop into a new one genetically identical to the parent plant.

The methods of asexual propagation are cuttings, layering, division and grafting.


Woody and herbaceous plants can use this method for propagation. A cutting is a vegetative plant part which is derive from parent plant in order to regenerate itself , forming a new plant.

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You must take the cutting with something sharp so you don´t injury parent plant. Remove flowers and buds to allow the cutting to use its energy to grow.

When you made the cutting you must trim half the leaves length that are large. Place it in bright ,indirect light.


stems cutting- are better to take them in spring and fall. Woody plants are better taken in fall, herbaceous in spring. Make a hole in the soil with a pencil and insert the cutting deeply enough. This kind of propagation is good with roses.

medial cutting – you must make the first cut above a node and the second cut below a node. Buds are always above leaves ,be sure to insert base down. Cutting with flowers or buds are not good for plant propagation.

root cuttings are usually taking in 3 years old plants during the dormant season.

leaves cutting – any species accept the propagation using their leaves that are insert in the soil and form new plants.

We will continue in next post with propagation….see you