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Beginners Guide to the wonderful world of flowers




The national flower is the poppy.

158px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg PORTUGAL

National flower is the lavender.

180px-Single_lavendar_flower02 LAVENDER

They are annual herbaceous plants sub shrubs and small shrubs. They are found growing wild. Flowers color is lavender and it´s a fragrant flower. It is use dry to make bouquet arrangements. Also in France are use in gastronomy .

200px-Flag_of_Romania.svg ROMANIA

The national flower is the dog rose.

250px-Divlja_ruza_cvijet_270508 DOG ROSE

It´s a delicious shrub ranging in high from 1 to 5 m. Its stems are covered with small,sharp spines. The leaves are pinnate. Flower are pale pink,but can vary between pink and white.


The national flower is the camomile.

120px-Chamomile_flowers CAMOMILE

It´s an spicy herb, evergreen perennial..Leaves are up to 5 cm and are finely separated. Flowers with yellow disks and white florets appears in summer. Dry flowers are used as an essential oil. Also has therapeutics uses

250px-Flag_of_San_Marino.svg SAN MARINO

The national flower is the cyclamen.

158px-Flag_of_Serbia_(national).svg SERBIA

There is no national flower.



National flower is the rose.

240px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg SLOVENIA

The national flower is the carnation

200px-Flag_of_Spain_(civil_variant).svg SPAIN

The national flower is the carnation.

168px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg SWEDEN

The national flower is the linnea.

images (1) LINNEA

It´s a wild plant .Grows in deep shadow. The plant has two flowers on top of each very thin stem. Flowers are pink, bell like,very fragrant and grow in pairs.

105px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg SWITZERLAND

The national flower is the edelweiss.

158px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg TURKEY

The national flower is the tulip.

158px-Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UKRAINE

The national flower is the sunflower.

180px-W&Asunflower (1) SUNFLOWER

Are annual plants that posses a large flowering head made up of 1000 or more inflorescene flowering.Commercially available sunflower varieties contain from 39 to 49 % oil in the seeds. Individual flowers joined at a common receptacle. The flower around the circumference are ligate ray flowers,without stamens or pistils. The remaining flower are with stamens and pistils. It is tolerant of both high and low temperature.

210px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg UNITED KINGDOM

National flower is the rose.

180px-Flag_of_the_Vatican_City.svg VATICAN

There is no national flower.