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125px-Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.svg BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA

The national flower is lilium bosinacune.

images (13) LILIUM

It has bulbs 6-7 cm in diameter. The flowers form racemes that contains six flowers or more with no fragrance. Flowering in July.

band bulgaria


National flower is the rose.

210px-Flag_of_Croatia.svg CROATIA

National flower is the iris.

iriscroatica IRIS

It takes its name from a Greek word that means rainbow. Are perennial herbs, growing from rhizomes, on drier climate, from bulbs. They have long erect flowering stems. The three sepals expand from their narrow base.

180px-Flag_of_Cyprus.svg CYPRUS

The national flower is the cyclamen.

180px-Wild_cyclamens CYCLAMEN

This flower can grow and bloom on a rock because of  its strength and its  capability to

survive. Are perennial herbaceous plants with underground tuber which produce leaves in late winter and flowering in autumn.

158px-Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg CZECH REPUBLIC

National flower is the rose.

139px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg DENMARK

The national flower is the red clover.

red clover RED CLOVER

The red clover grows up to 16 inches, with a hairy upright stem. The leaves are made up of three oval leaflets with a white V mark in the center,call chevron.

165px-Flag_of_Estonia.svg ESTONIA

The national flower is the cornflower .


The cornflower has grown in Estonia soil for more than 10.000 years. The plant grows in dry fields ,creating a strong connection in the minds of Estonians.

172px-Flag_of_Finland.svg FINLAND

The national flower is the Lilly of the valley.


This flower is known for its sweet and strong smell. Is considered as a symbol of love and purity.

158px-Flag_of_France.svg FRANCE

The national flower is the fleur de lys.

flor de lys FLEUR DE LYS

The water iris is the march plant for excellence , whose bright yellow large flowers blooms from June to September. The flag of the kings of France has  three of this  iris.

158px-Flag_of_Georgia.svg GEORGIA

We couldn´t find an official flower .

125px-Flag_of_Germany.svg GERMANY

The national flower is the knapweed.

KNAPWEED           flor alemanaia

Floral bracts are broad, ovoid, entire and greenish at the base. Flowers are numerous, all tubular. The petals are pink or purple. It is a custom in Germany that unmarried person

wear this flower in the buttonhole.


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