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In this part we are going to see all European countries and their national flowers.

147px-Flag_of_Albania.svg ALBANIA

The national flower is the red poppy.

images RED POPPY

The red poppy Albania´s national flower can be found everywhere in the country, and are recognise for medicinal value, and its seeds. The center of the flower has a whorl of stamens surrounded by a cup of four petals. The pollen of the oriental poppy is dark blue.Poppy seeds are use in backing and cooking.. Poppies has long been used as a symbol of both sleep and death. Sleep because of the opium extracted and death because of its bloody color.

150px-Flag_of_Andorra.svg ANDORRA

The national flower is the grandalla.


The grandalla narcissus flowers in May and June, has a sweet smell. The six petals represent the six parishes of the Principality, and the hearts of the six petals a two coloured crown can be seen, reminiscent of the two co princes.

210px-Flag_of_Armenia.svg ARMENIA

The national flower is the apricot flower and

pomegranate flower.

415598622_93fadb8568_m APRICOT FLOWER


Both flowers are important in the country but, there are not the official national flower.Both symbolized fertility in Armenian belief.

125px-Flag_of_Austria.svg AUSTRIA

The national flower is the edelweiss.

513480986_6965b5f5d4_m EDELWEISS

It´s a white flower found high in the alpine hills. The name of the flower in German means noble and white. It´s well adapted to extreme climatic. It´s  classified as short lived perennials.

210px-Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg ARZEBAJIAN

We don´t have national flower information.

210px-Flag_of_Belarus.svg BELARUS

The national flower is flax

2586922871_c0694b8cf2_m FLAX (LILIUN)

Flower last only until mid day when sun heats.It grow both for it´s seeds and for it´s fibers. Its use to make fabric, dye, paper,medicine. The seeds contains omega 3. Also produce an oil that is used in painting as a drying oil.

125px-Flag_of_Belgium.svg BELGIUM

The national flower is red poppy.

( see Albania national flower)



  1. That’s a nice European idea. Maybe you will describe it in our European multicultural and multilingual network as well?

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