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More than a half from 300000 kinds of plants, have seeds reproduction. The others ways  they can reproduce are from spores, rhizomes , bulbs, tubers, corns, cuttings, grafts etc.

We can find to types of reproduction asexual, where one cell can split into two cells or sexual reproduction  when two cells combine and create a living cell.

We have flowers that have both reproductive organs, other flowers have only one. see flowers parts

This difference make that plants propagate themselves in different ways.


A flower garden is alive with insects that are towards nectar a substance that flowers produce. The insects carries the pollen to the next flower. The pollen grains that insects take from one flower to another, join with an egg cell and a seed may be produce. Then the ovary becomes a fruit.

Another plants need wind to spread their pollen. Tubular flowers need long tongues to pollinate. Generally are pollinated by hummingbirds or moths.


images (10)


This trees produce corns instead  of flowers. Some corn produce pollen and other produce an ovule. The small corn produce the pollen in spring, the wind carries the pollen to the large corn which has the ovule. That´s the way pollination occurs.images (11)


images (1)


Are modified rhizomes. The tubers buds grow into a new plant. An example is the potato and the buds are known as potatoes eyes.


Are horizontally growing stems that  are produce by plant. This plants produce adventitious roots down into the soil. Strawberries are an example.

images (8)PLANT LETS

This kind of reproduction take place in the edge of the leaves. The plant produce more plants that grow in mature ones .

images (5)images (2) BULBS

Each bulb has a short stem

surrounded by nutrient leaves that gives nutrition to the stem. Bulbs grow underground.

images (3) CORMS

images (4) Are similar as a bulb. It grows underground. The difference between bulbs an corms is that in corms the nutrition is stored in the stem. They don´t have leaves surrounded that provides the nutrition.





The national flower is the poppy.

158px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg PORTUGAL

National flower is the lavender.

180px-Single_lavendar_flower02 LAVENDER

They are annual herbaceous plants sub shrubs and small shrubs. They are found growing wild. Flowers color is lavender and it´s a fragrant flower. It is use dry to make bouquet arrangements. Also in France are use in gastronomy .

200px-Flag_of_Romania.svg ROMANIA

The national flower is the dog rose.

250px-Divlja_ruza_cvijet_270508 DOG ROSE

It´s a delicious shrub ranging in high from 1 to 5 m. Its stems are covered with small,sharp spines. The leaves are pinnate. Flower are pale pink,but can vary between pink and white.


The national flower is the camomile.

120px-Chamomile_flowers CAMOMILE

It´s an spicy herb, evergreen perennial..Leaves are up to 5 cm and are finely separated. Flowers with yellow disks and white florets appears in summer. Dry flowers are used as an essential oil. Also has therapeutics uses

250px-Flag_of_San_Marino.svg SAN MARINO

The national flower is the cyclamen.

158px-Flag_of_Serbia_(national).svg SERBIA

There is no national flower.



National flower is the rose.

240px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg SLOVENIA

The national flower is the carnation

200px-Flag_of_Spain_(civil_variant).svg SPAIN

The national flower is the carnation.

168px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg SWEDEN

The national flower is the linnea.

images (1) LINNEA

It´s a wild plant .Grows in deep shadow. The plant has two flowers on top of each very thin stem. Flowers are pink, bell like,very fragrant and grow in pairs.

105px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg SWITZERLAND

The national flower is the edelweiss.

158px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg TURKEY

The national flower is the tulip.

158px-Flag_of_Ukraine.svg UKRAINE

The national flower is the sunflower.

180px-W&Asunflower (1) SUNFLOWER

Are annual plants that posses a large flowering head made up of 1000 or more inflorescene flowering.Commercially available sunflower varieties contain from 39 to 49 % oil in the seeds. Individual flowers joined at a common receptacle. The flower around the circumference are ligate ray flowers,without stamens or pistils. The remaining flower are with stamens and pistils. It is tolerant of both high and low temperature.

210px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg UNITED KINGDOM

National flower is the rose.

180px-Flag_of_the_Vatican_City.svg VATICAN

There is no national flower.



125px-Flag_of_Greece.svg GREECE

National flower is the olive.

images (6) OLIVE

It´s a small tree . It´s fruit the olive is major importance in the Mediterranean region.. It´s an evergreen tree. The small white flowers , with ten -cleft calyx and corolla. Generally born on the last years wood in racemes from the axil leaves.

ban.hungria HUNGARY

The national flower is the tulip

tulipan TULIP

It´s   bulbous plant that grows on a extremely large scale, specially in the Netherlands. Requires full sun to flowering, survives indoor only for three days. Blooms in spring.

146px-Flag_of_Iceland.svg ICELAND

The national flower is white dryers.

250px-Mountainavens2 WHITE DRYER

The white dryer grows in dry places where snow melts early and also on gravel and rocky places

210px-Flag_of_Ireland.svg IRELAND

The national flower is the shamrock.

china-aboutuk-art-culture-northernireland-nationalflower-top_left_image SHAMROCK

This flower is related to an Irish tale of St Patrik´s day. The shamrock is use it to explain the trinity. In St Patrik´s day is use it in clothes as a symbol.

158px-Flag_of_Italy.svg ITALY

There´s no official flower for the country. Some towns have flowers as a symbol but they are different ones in each town.

125px-Flag_of_Kazakhstan.svg KAZAKHSTAN

There is no national flower.

210px-Flag_of_Latvia.svg LATVIA

The national flower is the daisy.

daisy DAISY

Wilds daisy blossoms from June to September. Are very popular flowers often used in flower arrangements, it´s a herbaceous plant with short rhizomes and small rounded evergreen leaves. The flower heads are 2-3 cm in  diameter , with white florets.

175px-Flag_of_Liechtenstein.svg LIECHTESTEIN

The national flower is alpine red rose.

1459625277_4d9956c41c ALPINE RED ROSE

Called also snow roses , is an evergreen shrub that grows above the tree line in the alpines. It may grow up to 1 mt. tall clusters of pinkish- red bell-shaped flowers throughout the summer.

250px-Flag_of_Luxembourg.svg LUXEMBOURG

The national flower is the rose.

175px-Flag_of_Lithuania.svg LITHUANIA

The national flower is herb of grace .



Native from Mediterranean . The name means strongly smelling. It´s known as herb of grace because branches were use by catholics to sprinkle holly water. It´s a culinary plant with yellow flowers with a strong fragrance aromatic and sweet. Symbolize virginity and plays an important role in weeding ceremonies.

210px-Flag_of_Macedonia.svg MACEDONIA

The national flower is the poppy.

250px-Flag_of_Malta.svg MALTA

The national flower is the maltese centaury.



It´s an endemic herb. An evergreen plant  with fleshy leaves shaped like a spoon-handle . Usually grows up to 50 cm up. But the end of May starts to open its flowers head. The flowers color is magenta and it continuous flowering until July.

210px-Flag_of_Moldova.svg MOLDOVA

There´s no official flower.

131px-Flag_of_Monaco.svg (1) MONACO

The national flower is the carnation.

cflowers0093 CARNATION

The carnation flower last long even when it´s cut. We can find different kinds of carnation annual, border and perpetual.It´s botanical name means flower of god.

210px-Flag_of_Montenegro.svg MONTENEGRO

The national flower is the mimoza.

mimoza MIMOZA

A tropical herb having a globular head of small flowers with protruding stamens and usually bi pinnate. Leaves are sensitive to touch or light.

158px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg NETHERLANDS

The national flower is the tulip.

See Hungary description in this page

145px-Flag_of_Norway.svg NORWAY

The national flower is purple heather.

1068879784_5a3ab068fa PURPLE HEATHER

It´s an evergreen branching shrub. Bloom in late summer. Wild species has purple flowers. It´s use for arrangements in winter, because still having flowers.



125px-Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.svg BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA

The national flower is lilium bosinacune.

images (13) LILIUM

It has bulbs 6-7 cm in diameter. The flowers form racemes that contains six flowers or more with no fragrance. Flowering in July.

band bulgaria


National flower is the rose.

210px-Flag_of_Croatia.svg CROATIA

National flower is the iris.

iriscroatica IRIS

It takes its name from a Greek word that means rainbow. Are perennial herbs, growing from rhizomes, on drier climate, from bulbs. They have long erect flowering stems. The three sepals expand from their narrow base.

180px-Flag_of_Cyprus.svg CYPRUS

The national flower is the cyclamen.

180px-Wild_cyclamens CYCLAMEN

This flower can grow and bloom on a rock because of  its strength and its  capability to

survive. Are perennial herbaceous plants with underground tuber which produce leaves in late winter and flowering in autumn.

158px-Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg CZECH REPUBLIC

National flower is the rose.

139px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg DENMARK

The national flower is the red clover.

red clover RED CLOVER

The red clover grows up to 16 inches, with a hairy upright stem. The leaves are made up of three oval leaflets with a white V mark in the center,call chevron.

165px-Flag_of_Estonia.svg ESTONIA

The national flower is the cornflower .


The cornflower has grown in Estonia soil for more than 10.000 years. The plant grows in dry fields ,creating a strong connection in the minds of Estonians.

172px-Flag_of_Finland.svg FINLAND

The national flower is the Lilly of the valley.


This flower is known for its sweet and strong smell. Is considered as a symbol of love and purity.

158px-Flag_of_France.svg FRANCE

The national flower is the fleur de lys.

flor de lys FLEUR DE LYS

The water iris is the march plant for excellence , whose bright yellow large flowers blooms from June to September. The flag of the kings of France has  three of this  iris.

158px-Flag_of_Georgia.svg GEORGIA

We couldn´t find an official flower .

125px-Flag_of_Germany.svg GERMANY

The national flower is the knapweed.

KNAPWEED           flor alemanaia

Floral bracts are broad, ovoid, entire and greenish at the base. Flowers are numerous, all tubular. The petals are pink or purple. It is a custom in Germany that unmarried person

wear this flower in the buttonhole.



In this part we are going to see all European countries and their national flowers.

147px-Flag_of_Albania.svg ALBANIA

The national flower is the red poppy.

images RED POPPY

The red poppy Albania´s national flower can be found everywhere in the country, and are recognise for medicinal value, and its seeds. The center of the flower has a whorl of stamens surrounded by a cup of four petals. The pollen of the oriental poppy is dark blue.Poppy seeds are use in backing and cooking.. Poppies has long been used as a symbol of both sleep and death. Sleep because of the opium extracted and death because of its bloody color.

150px-Flag_of_Andorra.svg ANDORRA

The national flower is the grandalla.


The grandalla narcissus flowers in May and June, has a sweet smell. The six petals represent the six parishes of the Principality, and the hearts of the six petals a two coloured crown can be seen, reminiscent of the two co princes.

210px-Flag_of_Armenia.svg ARMENIA

The national flower is the apricot flower and

pomegranate flower.

415598622_93fadb8568_m APRICOT FLOWER


Both flowers are important in the country but, there are not the official national flower.Both symbolized fertility in Armenian belief.

125px-Flag_of_Austria.svg AUSTRIA

The national flower is the edelweiss.

513480986_6965b5f5d4_m EDELWEISS

It´s a white flower found high in the alpine hills. The name of the flower in German means noble and white. It´s well adapted to extreme climatic. It´s  classified as short lived perennials.

210px-Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg ARZEBAJIAN

We don´t have national flower information.

210px-Flag_of_Belarus.svg BELARUS

The national flower is flax

2586922871_c0694b8cf2_m FLAX (LILIUN)

Flower last only until mid day when sun heats.It grow both for it´s seeds and for it´s fibers. Its use to make fabric, dye, paper,medicine. The seeds contains omega 3. Also produce an oil that is used in painting as a drying oil.

125px-Flag_of_Belgium.svg BELGIUM

The national flower is red poppy.

( see Albania national flower)




The national flower is ………..we couldn´t find information. If you have it we appreciate if you share it with us.

125px-Flag_of_Jamaica_svg JAMAICA

The national flower is PALO SANTO in English will be wood of life.

jamaica_national_flower_lignum_vitae de jamaica


The flowers name in Spanish means wood of life.Grows in dry woodlands along coast. The flower is blue. The tree has medicinal properties.Leaves are used for cuts and insect bites. The resin liberates and element that is use as purgative.



The national flower is poinciana

flamboyant st kitts flower PONCIANA

It´s say that flower´s name comes from the man that introduce this plant in the island Monsieur de  Ponicy

It blooms from  may to August is a fast growing plant that tolerates dry climate.

600px-flag_of_saint_lucia_svg SANTA LUCIA

The national flower are the Marguerite and roses.



The Marguerite is a perennial plant with prolifically flowers from late spring to early winter. They can grow in pots and need very little care.


They are also the national flower . You can find information in United States national flower.

svgflagST VINCENT DE                           GRANADINES

The national flower is the soufriere tree

national_flower SOUFRIERE TREE

The soufriere tree is a untidy branches with simple leaves. The flower is small but born in profuse racemes. Its botanical name is

spachea elegans. It´s a tropical tree that grows 80 feet.

240px-Flag_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago.svg TRINIDAD  TOBAGO

The national flower is the chaconia



It´s an indigenous flower. Blooms in August -Represents the imperishably of life and the continuity of the nation. It blooms in Trinidad Tobago independence day.