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WELCOME !!! May 14, 2009

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Hello flowerbloggers!!!

Welcome to our blog about flowers, plants and all their related topics.

Are you looking for specific information about a flower, searching for the perfect picture or just wanting to know a little bit more about flowers and plants? … Let me tell you, you have just arrived to the correct place!!!

On this blog you will find all that information and more; for example quizzes, games and polls.

Not only we are the ones that are going to select the topics to talk about, but also we welcome all ideas, suggestions and comments from everyone.

As mention above, we are going to write about specific topics in relation to flowers and plants and their application in life.

Some of them are:

  1. Flower used in Feng Shui

  2. Zodiac signs

  3. Common flowers and plants in every season

  4. What they mean as per its colours and names

  5. Native flowers that identifies each country

  6. Gardening

  7. How to plant seeds

  8. All about Bonsais, etc.

We would be more than grateful if you are interested in other subjects not mention above, to suggest them or share with us any experience, photos and we would be posting them on the blog.

Feel free to post comments or write to us to our email address

Hope everyone found this space useful and helpful.


F&P Team